Provide comfort & support to children in cancer treatment
Advocate for childhood cancer policy & funding reform through the establishment of a pediatric division of NCI (National Cancer Institute)

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We Demand Change in NCI Policy

Lambs for Life passed historic legislation in 2018

We Support Kids in Cancer Treatment

We deliver Lamby Packs to ALL children in cancer treatment in the USA

Take Action Now, Childhood Cancer Action

Educate and Demand Change from ALL your State & Federal Representatives!

Did You Know?

Childhood Cancer

Receives only 4% of ALL Federal Cancer Funds

Every 2 Minutes

A child is diagnosed with cancer

The American Cancer Society

Gives childhood cancer 1% of its funds

The #1 Killer of Children

Cancer kills more children than ALL other diseases combined

Testimony to U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee’s Health & Human Services Subcommittee


A world with Childhood Cancer cures


Supporting and comforting children in cancer treatment in the USA and advocating for the establishment of a pediatric division of NCI.


Deliver Lamby Packs to all children in cancer treatment in the USA until there are no longer children in treatment and establish fully funded pediatric division of NCI with exclusive focus on childhood cancer.


Increase in childhood cancer incidence since 1975.


Cancer related fatalites in children vs. all other diseases combined.

Children in cancer treatment today, & over 15k diagnosed yearly.

Meet Our Founder

Alex Arrieta, 10 yr old battling relapsed AML when asked by a reporter why he feels the lambs can help other kids going through chemo and how he is going to get the lambs to them.

“My dad said he was going to cross, like chase down kids that have cancer in hospitals and give them a lamb stuffed animal…because I have my own and I had him when I went through cancer…because it’s the lamb of God, it’s holy!”

The state of childhood cancer is not what most people perceive it to be.

Alex died the day after being told his cancer was gone. It was the toxic outdated drugs used in his treatment. Although common for kids, this is not the case for adults.

Anyone who has seen a child fight cancer is forever changed. Alex’s struggle is commonplace in the world of childhood cancer. Children with cancer are cared for by experienced pediatric oncologists and pediatric oncology nurses, but the available treatment options are not designed for children. They are adapted for children out of necessity.

Child-specific drugs are not being developed. The adult drugs being used to treat childhood cancer cause major complications. Adult drugs are adapted for use in children years after the drug has gone through initial development for adults, clinical trials for adults and used on adults for many years. If after that 15+ year process it shows enough promise, then some additional research is conducted to determine dosage for children.

Clinical trials then begin on children, attempting to find the ‘sweet spot’, striking a balance of killing the cancer without killing the child. If a ‘sweet spot’ can be found, the drug is approved for use in pediatric oncology. Alex was the sixth child to receive his toxic mix of old drugs. The other five children had the same outcome. This outdated system is the best we have to offer our children when they are diagnosed with a life threatening cancer.