Lamby PAcks


Each Lamby Pack consists of -

Soft Plush Lamb & Soft Flannel Lamb Pillow Case

Letter from Lamby to the child with fun tips

Gags - Whoopee Cushion & Disappearing Ink

Air Freshener & Hand Sanitizer

fun toys (light-up spinning top, flying fist, and more)



Lamby Pack Deliveries


Lambs for Life delivers Lamby Packs to hospital ChildLife departments.

Lambs for Life customizes packaging for each hospital's needs

Lambs for Life can customize Lamby Packs to meet varying hospital requirements

Lamby Pack Delivery Events include special guests and special gifts



Lamby Pack Order Form

Do you know a child with cancer and want them to have a Lamby Pack? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss delivery options. Lamby Packs are always FREE so let us know and we can also send a special message from you to the child.
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