Childhood Cancer is Misunderstood

Read & Understand the FACTS

Childhood Cancer kills more children each year than ALL other diseases combined

Over 90% of childhood cancers are never seen in the adult population

60,000+ children in cancer treatment today in the USA

15,000+ more children will be diagnosed this year

1 in 5 will not survive

Of the survivors, over 65% will develop chronic health conditions

43% of those will be life threatening or disabling

6 years old is the average age of diagnosis

34% of survivors will die within 30 years - approx age 36

35% Increase in rate of incidence since 1975

Only 4% of federal cancer budget is for ALL childhood cancers

Only 1% of American Cancer Society funding is for ALL childhood cancers

Only 1% of cancer drugs approved by FDA are for childhood cancers

Only 2 childhood cancer drugs have been developed since 1975 compared to 15 prostate cancer drugs in same period

Kids Are NOT Small Adults

Cancer reacts differently in the developing body of small children

Cancer drugs react differently in the small developing bodies of children