About Lambs for Life

Days after Christmas 2015, it was discovered Alex's cancer was back worse than ever after only 5 months of remission. Alex knew it meant few options if any existed. When Alex was told his cancer was back, he looked up at his parents, smiled and said, "It's ok. At least I know what it's like this time and I'll get to see the nurses and doctors again."  Then Alex stated he wanted to do things different this time - no gifts, toys, legos, or games. Alex only wanted Lambs - thousands of them like his stuffed animal, Lamby, who has been with him since birth and through chemo. Alex said he wanted his dad to find kids with cancer and give it to them.  Alex then looked up at his parents and said, "Can we name it Lambs for Life?" and Lambs for Life was born.

As Alex's toxic chemo started, he began developing his vision of bringing hope, comfort and support to kids in cancer treatment.

Alex suffered greatly very quickly with terribly painful side effects, multiple organ failures, respiratory infections, heart attacks and so much more but he never lost faith and continued developing Lambs for Life and encouraging his father to leave his bedside to meet with politicians and presidential candidates to 'make Lamby famous' so Lamby could bring smiles to all suffering children.

At the age of 10 on April 25, 2016, the doctors told Alex his cancer was gone and that a perfect match donor was ready for the bone marrow transplant in only 20 days!

The following morning the same doctors came in and said Alex was dying and there was nothing they could do and that it may be several days or over a week.  Later that night, Alex went to heaven.

The family went home broken but with a mission from God and a gift from Alex.  They sold their business to develop Lambs for Life.  One year later they met with Sen Graham's office and 10 months later landmark childhood legislation was passed.

Lambs for Life continues working with Congress and the White House to bring focus, funding and solutions to childhood cancer.  Lambs for Life also delivers Lamby Packs to kids in cancer treatment and provides education and awareness programs to schools to empower kids to be the voice for the greatest health threat to our children.

Learn more about what we do below.


Lamby Pack Deliveries

Lambs for Life delivers Lamby Packs to ChildLife departments of children's hospitals to bring comfort, hope and support to kids in cancer treatment.

Lamby Packs contain are filled with a soft plush toy Lamb, a soft flannel lamb pillow case to make the bed more comfy.  Alex didn't like the tough hospital pillow cases.  Lamby Packs also contain an air freshener so the room doesn't smell like a hospital room.  A whoopee cushion and disappearing ink are included for some good laughs along with some fun toys.

Lamby Packs are also available upon request by using our Lamby Pack order form here.

Lamby Goes to Capitol Hill

Lamby's advocacy efforts began with a visit from US Senator Tim Scott to Alex's hospital room in February 2016.  Senator Scott heard about Alex and came to bring Alex a lamb.  Afterwards, Senator Scott spoke with Alex's parents who asked him about the unique challenges and lack of resources plaguing childhood cancer for years. Senator Scott has been a supporter ever since and Lamby has worked closely with US Senator Lindsey Graham who sponsored legislation written by Lamby. Below are some of Lamby's advocacy highlights.  The work is never done and Lamby always needs your help!


Senator Scott visits Alex

Lamby meets with Senators, Governors, Presidential Candidates

Alex Goes to Heaven


Lamby goes to capitol hill to advocate to separate childhood cancer from adult cancer and meets with Senators and Senate committee

Senator Graham sponsors Lamby’s legislation


Legislation enacted into law and also mandates a report from NCI on childhood cancer structure

Senate NCI Hearing

VP Pence’s health advisor


Lamby expands relationship and enters next phase

Lamby advocates to apply legislation and bring focus to childhood cancer

House Appropriations Committee Health subcommittee

Senate Appropriations Committee Health subcommittee

Senate HELP Committee

White House Domestic Policy Council


Awareness & Education Programs

Alex LOVED school so no better place to empower children than at school!

Lambassador Youth Academy

Lambs for Life has developed a simple multimedia curriculum for middle school and high school students about childhood cancer since it is the greatest health threat to children, civics, advocacy, and how to advocate to your elected officials.  The curriculum is free to all schools and Lambs for Life certifies each child as a Certified Youth Lambassador.

Lambassador DC Field Trip Experience

Lambs for Life works with schools, tour companies and legislative offices to transform the typical Washington DC field trip for middle school and high school students.

The Lambassador Field Trip Experience begins with a more comprehensive Youth Lambassador Academy certification curriculum.  The students are provided with additional information and training specific to the field trip.

In addition to the standard field trip, Lambs for Life will coordinate with the tour company and legislative offices to provide an opportunity for the students to meet in an official House or Senate hearing room with policy advisors to advocate and ask questions, a meet and greet and photo op with a US Senator or US Representative, private behind the scenes experiences, Senate Gallery floor passes and more.

Lambs for Life is happy to work with any school, civic organization or tour company to provide this experience as a rewarding supplement to an existing field trip.