About Lambs for Life


A World with Childhood Cancer Cures


Comforting and Supporting children with cancer and bringing focus to childhood cancer.


Deliver Lamby Pack care packages to all children in cancer treatment in the USA


A comprehensive and collaborative National Pediatric Cancer Initiative including government, research, medical, advocate and survivor/family communities to bring focus, funding and solutions to childhood cancer.

Supporting Kids with cancer

The Lives We Impact

Meet Merrick, the first child to receive a Lamby Pack.

We deliver Lamby Packs to kids in cancer treatment to provide them with comfort, hope, support and a few great laughs!

Request a Lamby Pack for a child with cancer. Its Free and fun!

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Lamby Goes to Capitol Hill

Lambs for Life passed childhood cancer legislation in 2018 sponsored by US Senator Lindsey Graham separating childhood cancer from adult cancer.

Lambs for Life is currently working directly with the US House & Senate and White House Domestic Policy Council.

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Education & Awareness Programs

Empowering Kids

Lambs for Life provides schools with a program to educate kids about childhood cancer and advocacy.

Lambs for Life is also transforming the typical field trip to Washington DC.  Kids get to meet a US Senator or US Representative, experience private tours, visit Senate Floor Gallery, meet with policy advisors and most importantly, have their message heard!

Have your school contact us for more information.

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Meet Alex 'Smiles' Arrieta

Alex was diagnosed with AML at age 9 in Feb 2015.  Going home was not an option with Alex's cancer and treatment.  Alex lived in the hospital room for months at a time. After 6 months, Alex's cancer went into remission and he came home! Remission was brief and the cancer came back worse 5 months later.  That's when Alex created Lambs for Life to bring comfort, hope and smiles to children in cancer treatment.

On April 25, 2016 Alex was told his cancer was gone and the bone marrow transplant with a perfect match donor was only 20 days away.  The next morning the doctors said Alex was dying and it might be a week or so.  Later that night, Alex went to heaven.

When asked by a TV reporter why he thought giving Lambs to kids with cancer could help, he simply smiled and replied,

"Because it's the Lamb of God, it's holy!"


The Truth about Childhood Cancer

Cancer kills more children than ALL diseases combined.

Over 90% of cancers in children are never seen in the adult population.

Childhood cancer is a term representing nearly 2 dozen cancers with endless subtypes.

Only 2 childhood cancer drugs have been approved by FDA since 1995. 15 prostate cancer drugs have been approved since 1995.

Childhood cancers receive less than 4% of the federal cancer budget and less than 1% of American Cancer Society funding.

Cancer is the greatest health threat to our nation's children and the rate of incidence has increased by 35% since 1975.